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tv   FOX 5 News at 6  FOX  March 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: prosecutors say the fbi used a third party to hack the phone but are not revealing how they can slip by the encryption coding. the move will motivate companies to bolster safeguarding software. >> this is also about protecting businesses and proprietorary information, trade secrets, customer lists and government secrets. >> reporter: the case expected to set a precedent for privacy rights versus the security requests of law enforcement now with lingering questions. can the fbi's hack be used again? who has access? donna lieberman has concerns over confidentiality. >> it's about everything of our entire lives, businesses, personal information will be hackable. >> reporter: the nypd and manhattan d.a.'s office also closely watching the litigation. the city can't unlock 175
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because of encryption. police commissioner bill bratton doubts the feds will share the methods, but says the debate is far from over. >> it doesn't change the issue that they may have dealt with this one, but there'll be others coming down the pike that are very different. >> reporter: the manhattan district attorney, cyrus vance, has been highly critical of what he describes as warrant-proof encryption software. he thinks balancing the means of privacy versus national security can be solved at the legislative level. back to you. ernie: all right. a big issue. thank you very much for that. joining me to talk more about it is is gray scott, futurist, technology expert. have you had any idea as to how they could have done this? >> there are several ways they could have approached hacking the phone. one is social engineering. it's using our social networks and publicly accessed information to gain access. ernie: that's one way. >> that's a simplistic way.
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did it. i think they used a hacker. ernie: are you surprised they were able to? >> i'm not surprised because last year was the year of everyone getting hacked, every company and even the white house was hacked. i'm not surprised by it. what i am surprised by is that apple is going to now have to reinvent that code. they have to redo a new code. ernie: that's what i want to ask. what does it mean for apple and the privacy issue? >> we're in a new age of digital transparency. everything is online. i tell people be careful what you put online. anything can be hacked. we're trying to decide how do we use the companies to access our information privately because we want to put our things online, but at the same time, when situations like this come up, we need to have access to the phones. this. i believe we should have privacy. we pay for the phones.
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ernie: it's a really tough issue. as you were talking about, anything can happen. they can hack anything, corporations, government, military. that's the frightening thing about it. that's the thing that worries so many people. >> it is frightening. so i think what we're going to see in the future is certain amounts of information have to become transparent. we're going to see governments that will have to be transparent because of the issue. ernie: not going away. thank you so much for joining us. other stories we want to tell you about. these stories are making news right now. a victory for labor unions at the supreme court. the justices split 4 to 4 in a case involving whether unions representing government employees can collect dues from workers who choose not to join. the split means unions can collect over an employee's objections. >> in north carolina, a setback for a recently passed transgender law. the bill signed by the governor last week required transgender people to use the restroom of their biological gender. but now the state's attorney
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unconstitutional and demanding its repeal. >> the hudson yard subway station has been plagued by water leaks and escalator problems since august. questions are being raised about the firm yonkers contractors and its subcontractors responsible for waterproofing the facility. riders are losing patience. >> the escalators half the time don't work. they leak. the ceilings leak. >> i wish things worked more often. things are breaking down too often here. >> reporter: ernie: the mta has begun repairs and it will take several months. that's what's happening. nick is here with the blue skies. nick: the wind was pretty strong. a little windy. ernie: i hear tomorrow is another winner? nick: a winner day. temperature goes up, the wind goes down and the sun comes back. ernie: a little bit of a roller coaster ride with the weather. nick: yes. as we warm it up later this
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weather returning over the weekend. 52 and 44 today. we did drop from yesterday's high in the lower 60s. a little below average. the average high is at 54. the average low at 39. so 86 and 10 in the records. 6:42 sunrise. 7:18 the sunset. should be a gorgeous day to enjoy with sunshine and less wind. but still 50. humidity is very dry. we're running the risk of potential brush fires today, but didn't get any reports of anything popping up. clear sky and sunshine. northwest wind is busy. the pressure is on the rise. a warm spot, newark at 56 today. it was low 50s from the city east to montauk. 52 poughkeepsie. monticello, only 43. they're down to 41 now. 48 sussex. 50 hudson valley to midtown. low 50s to the west and as you head towards islip and bridgeport. we're talking 20s in suburbs tonight as the colder air moves in. the temperature change from yesterday about eight to 10 degrees across the area right now.
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it's still busy out of the northwest. speeds of 15 to 25 plus miles an hour sustained. occasionally the gusts are getting up there, gusting to 33 at newark. 26 in town. 29 or so at bridgeport and islip. less than earlier, but we'll see a 50 to 20-mile-an-hour wind for later tonight and less wind as we head into tomorrow. nothing on the radar. fox 5 sky guardian all clear as is our sky. departing storm off to the northeast. we're in good shape tonight. as the wind dies down with the clear sky, expect temperatures to head down into the 20s in the suburbs and middle 30s in the city. there's the one storm. high pressure off to the west. the air coming between those two. you can see that northwest wind into tomorrow, but that will shift to a more southerly wind tomorrow as this high slides offshore. look at our temperatures off to the west as highs will show you. it was in the upper 50s in chicago. that's what you can expect tomorrow. further south, low 70s atlanta.
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degree temperature here thursday. tomorrow, chilly out the door. 30s in town. 20s in the burbs. a beautiful day. 51 by lunchtime. 57 for tomorrow afternoon. there's the futurecast. there goes the high to the south giving us a great wednesday. and most of thursday is fine. sunshine with clouds appearing, particularly in the afternoon, as we wait for the front to move from the west. upper 60s thursday. some showers come in later thursday night. looks like we may deal with rain friday, but it's mild. versus windy. 35 in the city. 20s to 30 as you get off to the north and western colder suburbs. sunny and mild tomorrow. nice. that's above average. thursday, 68 with lots of sun. showers thursday night. breezy, 66. cooler saturday, but a good day at 56. a cold front comes through saturday night with rain and/or snow showers and sunday, windy and colder. only 42 despite sunshine.
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only 30 monday morning. rain may return on tuesday. ernie: we're going to have a pretty day tomorrow. thank you. okay. when we come back, some people would rather stay home than go out to dinner with friends because they don't want the headache of trying to split the check. not to worry. nick will pick it up. no, no. we'll help you with that coming up. and we invite you back tomorrow as we explore why more women are staying in the workforce and long past retirement age. that's tomorrow at 6:00. we'll be right back here on fox 5. nick picking up the tab.
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ernie: welcome back to tonight's feat story. we focus on one of the most awkward social situations. how do you split the bill when you're out with friends? sometimes it gets a little complicated. arthur chi'en begins our quest for the answer tonight. >> sometimes the awkward moment when the check hits the table and everybody is wondering how to split this? evenly or special math? to split or not to split not the question. how to split is. do you divide the bill evenly or
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>> evenly. >> i say evenly. >> whoever is making more money. >> reporter: what about when a fellow diner is a heavier drinker? alcohol can cost more than the meal itself. what if you just had a side of brussels sprouts and not the truffle porterhouse for two? >> it's the worst part of the meal. >> reporter: for guidance, we sent to siggy and her advice is pure. approach it with generosity. >> it's easier not worrying about the extra dollar or two. it's amongst friends. next time, the friend will pick up your extra dollar or two. it's easier, it's generosity. it's sharing. >> it is also about how much time a server has. with multiple tables to tend to, having to sort a bill after the check is delivered is time
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ordered what. she said let the server know if you're to be separated. the same goes for alcohol. if you're having more or treating, let the server know. >> if i wanted to treat with a bottle of wine, i ask to charge me separately on the bottle of wine. communicate to the server your need before the end of the meal. it's easier. >> reporter: the key is for everyone to be equally thoughtful about the subject. so we can enjoy. >> they're our friends. it's not about who gets what. it's about us all together eating having a good time. >> reporter: do you agree? >> yes. boss? >> definitely. >> reporter: next time let your be. you don't have to work out a special equation on your iphone. arthur chi'en, fox 5 news. ernie: thank you. table for two right here. who's here? scott, the thanks for being here. are you hungry?
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ernie: it is. it's an interesting topic. we've talked about this quite often. it can be really different when you have relationships that you have to deal with. it could be family or some close friends. that complicates it a little bit when you split the bill? >> it's true. it's an awkward situation. the easiest thing is to split the bill, divide it by the number of people at the table. if you're ordering one drink and the friend next to you is ordering three, is it fair you should pay for those essentially. some say if you just split the bill, it will balance out over time. someone picks up your time one time and maybe someone else, you do that for someone else the next time. you need to plan ahead. ernie: it does affect all age groups? >> i think so. i think it's particularly important for millennials and young people who are watching a budget and who are going out to dinner. you look at the spending trends. young people are ditching the department stores in favor of experiences, restaurants, travel.
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>> you end up finding out that some people decide and i think arthur touched on it before you go out. you're on the phone. let's split this three, four ways, whatever, so you don't have the scene at the table. >> right. you want to set the stage before you go to dinner, especially if you're hosting it. when the bill comes, you're not awkwardly scrambling to figure out who's paying what. it might make you more aware of what you're ordering during the dinner because you don't want to come across as someone who is taking advantage. ernie: right. you don't want to do the settling at the table. there are apps and other ways to pay somebody. there's a nice way to transfer money. >> you send money through social media. it's linked to your checking account. you can send money to someone with a few clicks on your iphone. ultimately you want to go in with a plan. is everyone paying for their own bill? are we splitting it? ernie: that helps a lot. a lot of people are talking about this.
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>> it's a problem we've all had. ernie: thanks so much for joining us. the speaking of going out to dinner, i've got a question for you tonight. listen up. >> do you like chili? >> yes. ernie: how? with or without the beans? good question. your choice? what do you say. you'll find out what others said in a few minutes. do you need money? guess what. you can sell some of your junk. you can sell anything on the internet and you can make some money. on thursday, we'll talk about how that's changed a lot of things. next, russ will join me to talk about matt harvey. stay with us.
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ernie: russ is here. a sigh of relief when it comes to matt harvey's health. now we know. russ: big sigh of relief. call it a case of all's well that ends well. everybody was worried about this mysterious non-baseball medical issue. the way it works out, it happened to be a blood clot in his bladder. this is the way matt explained it himself this morning. >> i had a bladder infection. it created a blood clot in the bladder. passing it yesterday wasn't a great first day of my 27th birthday, but i cleared that. we had a little procedure done this morning to go in and check the bladder and everything was clear. i'm clear to go, cleared to do some minor activities today, and then we'll be back to normal tomorrow. russ: tomorrow he's scheduled --
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spring training start. he'll throw a couple of innings tomorrow to stay sharp. and it's all systems go on schedule for sunday's opener in kansas city. ernie: very nice. this had to be nerve-racking. he's 27 years old. doesn't matter what age. it must have been really nerve-racking. russ: not just for him. it was nerve-racking for all parties concerned. him most of all. the team. fans. everybody. you know what? i guarantee you, we were talking about it earlier, someone's going to make an issue about how this was handled. why didn't they come out right away? what was the mystery about it? you know what? it's the guy's private medical situation, no. 1. ernie: it's a tough call. russ: it is a tough call. and that's no. 1. it was a private medical situation. no. 2, suppose they just say, well, he's not making a start today. then everybody why is he not
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so they said it's a non-medical issue. everybody had to wait. thank goodness it is what it is, you know. hey, you ask any man who woke up, went to use the bathroom facilities and saw blood in his urine, you become a nervous wreck. ernie: he's okay. i'm sure the fans are happy. it makes us feel good. speaking of pitchers, c.c. sabathia on the mound. tell us about that. russ: a former ace, battling for the fifth starter job, probably locked it up this afternoon. i believe i went four innings. pitched well with a couple of strike-outs. looked pretty good. listen, you're not going to stay an ace all the time. he was battling yvonne nova for the fifth spot. it's got to be his at this point. ernie: glad we're talking baseball. russ: opening day monday in the bronx. ernie: thank you, russ. remember, eagle cam, we're going live right now. let's check it out with our
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arboretum in d.c. they hatched in front of the world's eyes. they need names. you could be one of those who names them. you can submit your suggestion on twitter, instagram or facebook. russ: ernie and russ. ernie: you got it right there. use the hashtag d.c. eagle cam. the final names will be announced april 26th. not bad. could be money in there for you. >> coming up here, are you hungry? a bowl of chili sounds pretty good. how do you like it?
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ernie: it's time to test your taste buds. do you prefer chili with or without the beans? >> with the beans. beans. >> i prefer with beans. i had a sous-chef that preferred it without beans. he was adamant it wasn't chili if it had beans. >> with beans. sour cream, avocado. ernie: you put a lot in. what do you prefer? with or without beans? >> with beans. ernie: with. tell me why. >> i like the texture. they're healthy, good for you. ernie: you like your chili with the beans. >> i do. >> without beans. ernie: you? >> with. ernie: you've got to get together. >> i'm a without person. ernie: why? >> i like rice with my chili. ernie: that's a nice combo.
6:26 pm
with beans. ernie: i see. okay. how about that? >> i don't like chili. ernie: okay. that's an honest answer. no chili, no beans, no nothing. what about you? >> with beans. just to give it some texture. a little flavor, a little texture. if not, it's bolognese. ernie: teach your friend to try some chili. you look terrific. buy some chili together. take your sister out and treat her to chili. bye, guys. bye-bye. how do you like your chili? let me go. go to facebook and join me there. thanks for joining us on fox 5 in our studio. i'm ernie anastos. for all of us here in the control room, thanks for being a part of our broadcast. have a wonderful night. see you tomorrow. what are you going to say about beans? russ: blazing saddles. i want the beans. ernie: i knew you'd bring that up.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> five months after lamar odom nearly died, he's back in a bar. >> he had three remy martins within less than an hour of being there. >> the kardashians and his family are worried. he says i could have a couple of drinks. >> the fact of the matter what happens when you drink, you start making bad judgment calls eventually. >> yeah, but pizza, not cocaine. >> britney spears in hawaii. this woman, her body is on point. >> she's back with like snake body. >> it's pretty close, snake body. >> what the hell is that? >> you just draw that snake. [laughter] dax, you're so weird! >> tim tebow was on fox news and they asked him if he would ever want to get involved in politics. >> that would be intriguing. >> he's a smart, super honest guy. >> i say athletes are smart all the time. you say why are they smart? why do you think tim tebow is smart?


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